“Astonishing ‘Miracle Worker’ (Used By A Desperate Wife Who Didn’t Want Gum Surgery) Helps Fight Bleeding Gums, Helps Fight Gum Recession, Helps Prevent Gum Disease, Helps Slash Dentist’s Visits and Dental Bills, and Keep Your Mouth and Breath Cleaner, Fresher, Longer”

  • Safe: this astonishing “miracle worker” contains only 3 safe, naturally-produced oils. So safe that children and pregnant women have used this “miracle worker” with no side-effects.

  • So Effective at improving gum health that it has helped users avoid gum surgery… so effective that you can see it work in a matter of days to help promote beautiful, pink, healthy gums…and helps fight the number one cause of bleeding gums and periodontal disease…

  • Cheaper than dental bills: this “miracle worker” has already helped many users in preventing painful and expensive gum surgery…helped them save thousands of dollars in dental bills.

Dear Fellow Health-Seeker:

My name is Taylor Clark, and seven years ago, I suffered from severe bleeding gums. I followed my dentist’s recommendations, but my gums were still bleeding.

Then, one day a friend got me to try a new, allnatural product, which, for now, I will call the “miracle worker.

Within seven days, my gums stopped bleeding.

I was delighted. And today, seven years later, I have never had to worry about bleeding gums. Yes, seven years later, I have never had to worry about other gums problems. Plus, I am still enjoying cleaner, fresher breath.

But my personal experience with the miracle worker pales in comparison with what other users have reported especially the user in the

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How The Astonishing “Miracle Worker” Helped A Desperate Wife From Kentucky Avoid An Expensive and Painful Gum Surgery

Dentist Announces Gum Surgery Not Needed Anymore Husband Sees Abscess Gone In 4 Days

To Barbara and Sal, from Kentucky, the news came as a surprise: Barbara had periodontal disease.

The dentist said that Barbara had deep pockets in her gums that measured 7 to 8 millimeters. And the dentist promptly recommended the dreaded gum surgery to solve the problem.

Oh, both husband and wife knew that gum surgery would be expensive. And not only would gum surgery be expensive, it would also be painful.

What should they do?

They decided to seek a second opinion from another dentist. After examination, the second dentist admitted that the gums were in a bad situation. However, he gave them a little ray of hope: he told them to try medication for 30 days to treat the gums and abscess.

Great! Barbara would definitely do that instead of undergoing an expensive and painful gum surgery.

But her hopes were crushed by reality. Two weeks with the second dentist’s medication, she still couldn’t notice any serious improvement in her gums. She was desperate.

Was she doomed to undergo this bank-breaking and painful gum surgery?

And The Amazing Story Of How Rosemarie, too, Avoided A Gum Surgery She Couldn’t Afford:

My name is Rosemarie Pulda and I was told by two different dentists that I have gum disease and needed surgery or I would loose my teeth. I was in tremendous pain 24 hours a day, my gums were terribly receded and bleeding, my teeth were beginning to feel loose and I was getting pus from the worse areas. I couldn't afford the surgery but couldn't live in that pain anymore so I ordered a bottle of [the Miracle Worker] and within three days I was no longer in pain. That was six months ago and I have used absolutely no mouth care other than [the ‘Miracle Worker’] and I have had no more pain, no swelling, no puss. All symptoms are gone. I feel better than ever.

Rosemarie Pulda

Fortunately, That’s When Her Husband Discovered Ray’s Amazing Secret

And almost instantly, her situation changed.

You see, Ray was already using the “miracle worker.” And he stunned Sal when he showed Sal his teeth. Sal, Barbara’s husband, says, “He showed me his teeth from using the product and I can tell you that…

“…I Have Never Seen Such Pink Strong Healthy Gums And Shiny teeth.”

And Ray assured Sal that this “miracle worker” could equally work its magic on the gums of Sal’s wife. This “miracle worker” could significantly help Barbara’s gums.

At this point, the couple was even more desperate, for her situation wasn’t improving. So they were ready to try anything that could help her avoid the expensive and painful gum surgery the first dentist recommended.

Dentists Announces: “Gum Surgery No Longer Needed”

It all ended happily.

Being desperate, the couple immediately ordered the “miracle worker” to put it to the test. And the results they got were amazing.

  • After just one week, both Barbara and Sal saw a clear improvement in their gums: their gums were pinker they’ve ever seen before.

  • Plus, Sal’s abscess was gone in four short days.

  • And that was just the beginning: At the next appointment, the dentist complimented them on their teeth. He said that their teeth looked great.

  • When Sal’s wife asked him about the gum surgery, he made her day by saying that she didn’t need gum surgery anymore. And the dentist further praised them by saying that he wished he had more patients with such healthy gums.

And every time, my friends hear this amazing story, they usually ask me, “What is this ‘miracle worker”? Why does it help patients get such amazing results?”

I’ll answer these questions in a moment.

But, right now, I have something very important to tell you if you’re using toothpaste. In fact, it’s an urgent alert. And if you’re read anything else on this page, be sure to read the following…

Canadian Patient Escapes Expensive and Painful Gum Surgery

Before trying the [miracle worker] my wife and I had just completed a series of costly dental visits. My wife was scheduled for dental surgery for receding gums which was going to be both expensive and painful. Her condition was causing bad breath, bleeding and pain. We both noticed and improvement within a few days. For me, I noticed a fresh and clean feeling in my mouth. My teeth have the same feeling after cleaning by the dentist. My wife noticed such improvement that she postponed her dental surgery. We are both excited by the fact that the dentist approved the decision because the condition of her gums improved so much. We have just ordered a new supply and intend to use [the miracle worker] for good dental health. It pays for itself many times over in savings on dental bills.

A great product.
Greg Forbes

Shocking Discovery:
The Great Fluoride Betrayal

Urgent Consumer Alert: If You Care About Your Teeth and Your Children’s Teeth, Read This

Fluoride is considered a known poison and is classified as very toxic in the National Library of computerized data service of toxic substances.

What The Fat Cats Who Control The Big Corporations Don’t Want You To Know

I must warn you: when you’re done reading this section, you will want to immediately throw away your toothpaste.

Here’s why: Major billion dollar corporations have for years produced toothpastes for your use. They say that these toothpastes fight tartar, fight cavities, freshen your breath, and whiten your teeth.

These claims may all be true.

dental fluorisis   Dental Fluoride is considered a known poison and is classified as very toxic in the National Library of computerized data service of toxic substances.

And these major brands of toothpaste also have as their active ingredient a chemical called: fluoride. Usually, right after mentioning the word fluoride, they issue a warning that goes like this: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

It’s an FDA requirement, because fluoride has never been approved by the FDA.

The only thing these fat cat corporations failed to directly mention is:

Fluoride, the active ingredient in many types of toothpaste, is a dangerous poison.

How dangerous?

Do you remember the scandals surrounding lead in toys? How these toys were recalled because they were exposing our children to poisonous lead? You do. And you surely know that lead is a dangerous poison.

Fluoride, A Main Ingredient In Most Toothpastes, Is Banned In Water Supplies In Many European Countries… It Can Cause IQ Deficits In Children

Well, fluoride, as a poison, is more dangerous than lead.

Yes, fluoride is more dangerous than lead, and is almost as dangerous as arsenic, the well-known poison.

In fact, fluoride is so dangerous that cities such as Juno in Alaska, Littleton and Yarmouth in Massachusetts have voted to ban fluoride in their water supplies.

Not only cities, but also whole countries have banned fluoride in their water supplies. Fluoride in water is banned in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, West Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

And fluoride has many side effects, including dental fluorosis. If fluoride is so dangerous and can be so harmful to your health, why is it being used so blatantly in American toothpastes?

According to the Fluoride Action Network, research conducted in China, India, Iran, and Mexico showed that fluoride can cause IQ deficits.

And here’s a safer, healthier alternative to fluoride-laden toothpastes that put your life and your children’s lives in grave danger.

Announcing Ora-MD, Called A “Miracle Worker” By Users

This Peppermint-Rich Mouth-Proctector Helps Fight Bleeding Gums…Allows Your Mouth To Promote Painfree, Pink, Healthy Gums, Prevent Gum Disease, and Can Keep Your Mouth Cleaner, Fresher…Longer

oramd bottle
This amazing, super-potent oil mixture contains only three natural, 100% pure essential oils as ingredients. In fact, all three ingredients, peppermint, spearmint and almond oil are so safe that they’re approved by the FDA.

If You Have Any Of These Problems, OraMD Extra Strength Can Help You Get Relief

  • Periodontal diseas
  • Gum disease
  • Receding gums
  • Pockets
  • Bad breath
  • Gingivitis
  • Bleeding gums
  • Plaque and tartar

A Unique Formula:

It took us years of research to find the right properties and combination of peppermint, spearmint, and almond oils to give you such an effective product. Our formula is unique. Nobody else knows it.

First, Ora-MD contains 100% naturally pure peppermint oil. Peppermint is one key ingredient because of its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial powers…which essentially means that peppermint oil helps kill bacteria and fight microbes.

In fact, research shows that peppermint oil is effective in killing and keeping at bay different strains bacteria that live in the mouth.

These bacteria along with poor dental hygiene habits are the root cause of 99% of these mouth problems: gum disease, bleeding gums, red and swollen gums, loose teeth, pockets, plaque and tarter, bad breath, and periodontal disease. Peppermint oil kills these bacteria and prevents them from installing themselves in your mouth and assailing you with pain.

Second, there is 100% pure, all natural spearmint oil. Spearmint oil is part of our mixture because again it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial powers.

Just like peppermint oil, spearmint oil helps kill bacteria and prevents them from living in your mouth and triggering a host of oral health issues.

There are over 400 different types of peppermint oil and 100’s of different types of spearmint oil. The key to success in this formulation is how we matched the different properties of these 3 botanically oils in combination with almond oil that synergistically makes OraMD Extra Strength so powerful in fighting these hard to kill strains of bacteria.
I really do enjoy using your product OraMD. It gives my mouth such a clean refreshing taste. I was so excited when I went to the dentist after using your product for 3 months, I had zero bleeding points!! That was the first time I had ever had no bleeding points. I especially like the fact that it is all natural with no chemicals or preservatives. If gives my mouth a fresh awaking feeling and I feel like I have not had bad breath since I have started using it. It’s a terrific product and would highly recommend it to anyone. I gave it to my grandson and he smiled real big while using it to that pleasant surprising awaking feeling it gives. We both chuckled. Thanks for making a healthy tooth polish combination mouth wash!

Sue Donahoe

Yes, peppermint and spearmint are used in most commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes. However, in these cases, peppermint and spearmint are only used for their flavoring properties.

And as flavoring agents, only a small quantity and of peppermint and spearmint is used----a small quantity that is too weak to bring about the antibacterial and anti-microbial powers of peppermint and spearmint.

In absolute contrast to that, OraMD Extra Strength uses 100% pure and totally natural peppermint and spearmint oils. As active ingredients in OraMD Extra Strength designed to combat the worst strains of bacteria, peppermint and spearmint oils are not mixed with any dangerous chemicals.

And then, the third and final ingredient in OraMD Extra Strength, is 100% pure and natural almond oil. The almond oil mainly acts as a carrier, a base from which peppermint and spearmint oils can attack and vanquish and guard against the invading strains of disease-causing bacteria in the mouth.

As you can see, there are no harsh chemicals to harm your mouth or compromise your health. There are no weird sounding ingredients that could be a potential poison for you.

And the results you get are truly amazing

Results like these:

Why Is This Peppermint-Rich Oil Mixture Superior To Poison-Ladden Toothpastes

OraMD Extra Strength is Safer and More Effective Than Most Well-Known Toothpastes

As you already know, most toothpastes contain the dangerous chemical, fluoride. Fluoride is not only dangerous. It is a dangerous poison. Almost as dangerous as arsenic. So powerful as poison that it used in pesticides.

And most shocking of all, a 1990 study showed that fluoride doesn’t reduce cavities.

But fluoride is not the only dangerous chemical your toothpaste may contain. Most toothpastes contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This chemical is used because it makes the toothpaste foam.

I was at the dentist today for my 6 month check up. The hygienist was quite impressed with what she saw and wanted to know the name of the product I was using. She was very surprised when I said I wasn't using toothpaste anymore. She said that they had a number of patients who were interested in natural products. Then the dentist came in and it was obvious that he was a little more close minded than she. I'm going to follow up with her and give her some information. Since I had only been using OraMD since January (and then missed a month or so between orders) I wasn't sure if there would be any visible results. I know I have had much less bleeding than before and less plaque build up. It was good to hear it from her, as I didn't tell her that I was doing anything different until she was done the cleaning. Thanks for a great product.

Bill Nicholson

However, this very chemical is used as a garage floor cleaner, and as a skin irritant in laboratories. And it can have many negative side-effects on human beings in the long run.

Famous Medical Doctor Denounces Dangerous Fluoride- Based Toothpaste

Dr William Campbell Douglass is a graduate of the University of Rochester, New York. He is also a graduate of the Miami School of Medicine. He was voted Doctor Of The Year in 1985 by the National Health Federation. This well-qualified medical doctor is totally against fluoride, especially fluoride in toothpaste.

In fact, in his book, Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle, Dr. William Campbell Douglass says out loud, “ In the never ending fight to save our teeth, there is nothing more useless than toothpaste”.

He believes that most toothpastes are so ineffective that he recommends throwing them out, if one wants better oral health. Instead, this doctor thinks that using Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda is more effective than using toothpaste.

And this brings us to… how OraMD Extra Strength is superior to toothpaste. Here’s why OraMD Extra Strength is safer and more effective than most toothpastes.

OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t contain any fluoride, any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. OraMD Extra Strength contains no harsh chemicals that can endanger your health in the long run. No foaming agents.

OraMD Extra Strength works better because it is only the natural oils of peppermint, spearmint and almond that act in combination to kill bacteria in the mouth. And then these oils stay in the nooks and crannies of gums to further fight and kill incoming bacteria.

Thus OraMD Extra Strength offers you superior cleanliness in your mouth, superior protection against bacteria. Once you start using OraMD Extra Strength you’ll see no need to keep potentially dangerous toothpastes in your house. You’ll throw these poison-heavy fluoride toothpastes away.

I started using ORAMD in NOV 2001. Since then my gums do not bleed any more, they continue to stay pink which is the clinical sign of healthy gums. I also had a bad abscess that went away in four days of using OraMD.

Sal Dominianni

I started using OraMD around Feb 2002. Since then my gums do not bleed anymore, the redness is gone and my dentist says the pockets have improved and some have gone away completely. The area under my bridge had an infection and has improved to the point he did not act concerned at the last appointment.

Sincerely, Pastor Donnie Turner

How This Miracle Worker Helps Keep Your Mouth and Breath Cleaner, Fresher… Longer Than Mouthwashes

Most mouthwashes dry the mouth because they contain a lot of alcohol. Some mouth washes contain as much as 20% alcohol.

And if your mouth is dry, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which are trying to invade your mouth 24 hours a day.

And the bacteria mature faster in a dry environment. As they mature, they release a chemical called…volatile sulfur compounds, and this chemical is the reason for bad breath.

And here’s another reason why mouthwashes don’t give you the kind of breath relief you long for: Most mouthwashes that contain peppermint or spearmint contain only a small percentage of these two ingredients. The peppermint and spearmint are mere flavoring agents.

In these points, lie the greatest differences between OraMD Extra Strength and commercial, alcohol-heavy mouthwashes.

First, OraMD Extra Strength is not alcohol-heavy, but it is rather a mixture of three pure essential oils. Therefore OraMD Extra Strength cannot dry the mouth and turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria. On the contrary, OraMD Extra Strength helps keep your mouth moist. And a moist mouth is not a good breeding ground for bacteria that cause bad breath.

OraMD Extra Strength helps keep your mouth moist because it’s a mix of oils, and oil doesn’t get washed away by saliva. Nor does oil diminishes the production of saliva as alcohol does and saliva helps fight bacteria.

And most importantly, the peppermint and spearmint oils in OraMD Extra Strength are 100% pure and 100% natural. And peppermint oil and spearmint oil are the two main active ingredients that help kill the bacteria in the mouth.


The Hygienist Was Wrong

When I recently had my teeth cleaned, my hygienist told me they were in the best shape she has seen them in since I have been her patient (which is about 3 years). She told me I no longer had pockets, which at my visit a year prior, I had been told if I did not improve my gum health, my teeth may fall out at a young age. I had gingivitis, receding gums, and sizeable pockets. I told her I was using OraMD and asked her opinion on whether she though it had helped. She expressed some concern over it not having fluoride (big surprise...laugh out loud...) and stated since I had also whitened my teeth last August before I began using your product, that whitening does sometimes improve the enamel so not as much plaque adheres. She said I would know better by my next six month exam whether it was the whitening or the OraMD. In my opinion, however, it is the OraMD. My gums hardly bleed when she cleaned my teeth. She also commented on how much better I had been doing flossingthen I told her I haven't flossed in six months since my last exam! My gums no longer bleed when I brush them, they are a healthy pink instead of red, and I am VERY satisfied.

Laura Ballou, Indiana
This means your mouth receives a superior, stronger, and more protective concentration of peppermint and spearmint oils. Thus, your mouth and breath remain cleaner, fresher, longer.

In fact, here are some amazing results from current users of OraMD Extra Strength. These people tell you how OraMD has helped them enjoy cleaner, fresher mouth and breath, longer than the usual mouthwash could.

Angela, for instance, never suffered from bad breath. Yet, after she started using OraMD Extra Strength, her son started leaning forward and inhales deeply when she would talk to him. He even noticed the new freshness in her breath.

How This Miracle Worker Could Help You Avoid Gum Surgery, Allows Your Mouth To Successfully Help Gum Tissues, And In The Process You Could Save Thousands Of Dollars In Gum Surgery…and You Avoid The Pain, Too

According to reports from our current customers, OraMD Extra Strength can also help kill bacteria that can lead you to avoid painful gum surgery, and save thousands of dollars in the process.

When you have periodontal disease, your dentist is very likely to refer you to a periodontist for gum surgery…or else you’ll lose your teeth.

In this position, you’re forced to choose between the lesser of two evils: huge amount of money and pains from the surgery or the embarrassing situation of losing your teeth.

After a pretty negative dentist visit I purchased OraMD. My gums were beginning to recede and I had a high amount of plaque. That was around 6 months ago. On my last visit the hygienist couldn't believe improvement in my gums or the disappearance of plaque. From now on I will use OraMD and throw out my tube toothpastes. I'm convinced that your product saved my gums and teeth.

Thanks, Bruce C

Some people have had up to 4 gum surgeries. And in the process they’ve spent thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Now, OraMD Extra Strength offers you a pain-free, cheaper, and more convenient option: OraMD Extra Strength attacks and kills on contact the bacteria that can degenerate into periodontal disease. And because OraMD Extra Strength is an oil, it does not get washed away by saliva.

Thus, OraMD Extra Strength can linger in your mouth; OraMD Extra Strength can enter the nooks and crannies of your gum line; it can wage a ferocious, merciless war against the bacteria which deliver tissue-eating toxins. And because, OraMD Extra Strength is an oil, it remains long after most bacteria are fought , and OraMD Extra Strength handles the constant daily attacks of new bacteria.

Thus OraMD Extra Strength has a double impact: it kills the bacteria that are attacking your gums now, and it defends your gums against the entering of new bacteria.

And because the old bacteria are no longer living in your mouth and new bacteria are being fought, your own mouth can do its job of promoting healthy gums. OraMD Extra Strength gives your mouth a cleaner, safer, healthier environment, where the body can heal itself.

In short: Nature, in the form of peppermint and spearmint oils, in a supreme alliance with your own mouth can help you avoid the outrageous and bank-breaking bills associated with gum surgery.

In fact, some users are reporting astonishing stories. In these stories, their own dentists tell these OraMD Extra Strength users that, based on the improvements in their gums, these OraMD Extra Strength users no longer need gum surgery.

Compared To The Thrilling Results OraMD Extra Strength Brings You, Its Price Is The Biggest Bargain Of Your Life

Today, you may have severe gum disease, and you may be facing an expensive gum surgery-----a gum surgery that may cost you thousands of dollars.

And yet, as you’ve read what current users have been saying, the regular use of OraMD Extra Strength for the next few months can trigger such spectacular gum improvement that your own dentist could tell you, “You don’t need gum surgery anymore”

$4000 Saved in Dental Bills

I wanted to let you folks know that you have saved my family somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000.00 in dental bills. We decided to try OraMD Extra Strength after one of us was diagnosed with periodontal disease in its beginning stages. The surgery alone was going to cost $4000.00. Our insurance company was going to cover some of the cost, but definitely not all, and it scared us into avoiding dentists until we could figure out what to do. Last week, a new dentist was shocked to see the improvement over the past 6 months using OraMD Extra Strength. He asked for the name of the product and will be ordering some himself very soon!

This is a true story! The other one of us has a problem with cold/canker sores. They crop up at the most terrible times (is there ever a good time?), and will show on the lips, becoming enlarged and hanging around for a week or more. Since the switch to OraMD Extra Strength, the occurrence of cold sores has reduced to hardly any in the past 6 months, and the couple that has tried to form disappeared within a couple days, and remained small and undetectable to anyone else. THANK YOU FROM OUR FAMILY! We'll never go back to toothpaste! The W-G

If OraMD Extra Strength helps you avoid a $1000 surgery, would you say that it’s worth $1000 to you? But OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t cost anywhere close to $1000.

Today, you may have bleeding gums, sensitive gums, and swollen gums. But a few weeks from now, OraMD Extra Strength could eliminate the cause of these problems.

How much would you pay to see that your gums are no longer bleeding when you’re brushing or flossing? How much would you pay to see the sensitivity gone?

Today, chronic bad breath due to maturing bacteria may be ruining your relationships with others, despite all the mouthwashes you’ve used. Chronic bad breath could be causing you keen embarrassment becausepeople notice and step back…because you wake up with morning breath and your spouse automatically notices?

Think about it. How much joy it would bring to start having cleaner, fresher breath that stays longer?

Today you may be exposing yourself and your children to the poison fluoride and thus jeopardizing their lives and their teeth and IQ with poisonous fluoride in toothpastes?

Yes, perhaps, you could watch how much toothpaste they’re using and if they’re swallowing the toothpaste…but you may not always be at home…you may not always have the time…and worse tap water, some bottle water, fruits and vegetables, and bottled juice expose your child to even more fluoride.

How much would it mean to you, as a parent, to know you’ve taken a definitive step to eliminating your children’s exposure to dangerous fluoride from toothpaste because your house no longer uses fluoride-laden toothpastes. Instead, your house uses100% pure, natural OraMD Extra Strength which combats the worst strains of bacteria?

How much?

OraMD Extra Strength costs only $49.97.

Yes, only a paltry $49.97 to help your gums improve so much over a period of a few months that you don’t need gum surgery anymore.

Yes, only $49.97 to protect yourself and your children from the devastating dangers of fluoride in toothpastes.

Yes, only $49.97, the biggest bargain in your life. And guess what? This dirt-cheap $49.97 is irrelevant because…

You’re Entirely Protected By My 365-Day No-Questions-Asked Full Money Back Guarantee You Could Send Me The Bottle With The Last Remaining Drop, And You’ll Still Get All Your Money Back

(And We’ll Even Pay For Shipping If You Request Your No- Obligations Trial Bottle Today)

I understand that you may be skeptical. How can a product so simple have such thrilling results in your life? Well, when I was first introduced to this product, after my dentist’s recommendations had failed to eliminate my bleeding gums, I was skeptical, too. But I figured, “Well, I have nothing to lose and healthy gums to gain.” So I put my doubts aside and gave OraMD Extra Strength a fair try. I am glad I did. And I guarantee you’ll be glad too.
OraMD kicks ass. I set out looking for a toothpaste that would not creep me out with it's "whitening" effects, added calcium or lemon flavor or whatever else and also when I used to use regular toothpaste it seemed ultimately to be missing something--with OraMD, the fresh happy mouth feeling I've been looking for is extreme and it lasts, which to me is miraculous. I don't see why anyone uses anything else to brush their teeth. It’s the best! From the first time you use it, you get giddy because it basically gives your germ infested mouth a true natural makeover. You feel better with fresh teeth! aaaaaand it's good for diabetics with periodontal disease--or the threat of periodontal damage. It's just awesome.


I’d like you to put your doubts aside for a while, and try this product for a full year at my own risk. If for any reason, you’re not totally thrilled by the results OraMD Extra Strength helps you enjoy, then send it back for a full and courteous refund, any time during your 365-day risk-free trial.

  • OraMD Extra Strength is guaranteed to replace your toothpaste: If OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t replace your toothpaste because OraMD Extra Strength gives you safer and more effective oral health, then ask for your money back.
  • OraMD Extra Strength is guaranteed to replace your mouthwashes: If OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t replace your mouthwashes because OraMD Extra Strength helps keep your mouth and gums cleaner, safer…longer than your mouthwashes, then return OraMD Extra Strength for a fast and courteous refund.
  • OraMD Extra Strength is guaranteed to kill the worst strains of bacteria which can cause the majority of your mouth troubles…and keep these bacteria at bay so that your mouth can naturally address gum issues.

If OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t help you eliminate bleeding gums, then I don’t want to keep your money.

If ,within a few months from now, OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t help you fight periodontal disease so much that your dentist has no choice but to acknowledge major improvement and postpone any imminent gum surgery, then ask for your money back, any time during your 365-day no risk trial.

After the first month, I went to the dentist for the first time in 3 months for my regular cleaning. Right away I noticed there was less "stuff" (plague, tartar) to scrape off and the stuff that was there was much softer and easier to remove.

The person cleaning my teeth said there really wasn't much to clean this time around and felt sort of guilty charging me cause the appointment did not take very long. She even had time to measure my gums to see if they improve by my next visit. I rescheduled my next appointment to be 4 months away since it seemed coming back in 3 months didn't make any sense anymore.

I am REALLY looking forward to what happens during my next visit. If the improvement continues, for the first time in my life I may FINALLY have the answer to my decaying teeth and receding gums. I'll keep you informed, but the evidence is already positive.

Glenn N

If, within a few months, OraMD Extra Strength doesn’t help fight the bacteria causing red or swollen gums, tighten your gums, so that previously loose, shaky teeth improve, then ask for your money back.

If for any reason, or for no reason at all, you’re not thrilled with your new results, at any time, ask for your money back….

And if you’ll take us on our generous offer today, we’ll even ship the product to you at our expense (if you live in the US and Canada). Definitely, you have nothing to lose. Not even shipping money.

If You Truly Want Relief From Bleeding Gums, Receding Gums, Canker Sores, Bad Breath, Pockets…If You Want To Avoid Expensive and Painful Gum Surgery, and If You Truly Feel Responsible For Your Children’s Safety and Health, You Cannot Spend Another Day Without Trying Peppermint-Rich OraMD Extra Strength at Our Expense So Click Here To Get Your No-Obligation Trial. We Pay For Shipping

You have two simple choices here, just like I did seven years ago.

You can choose to do nothing, and accept bleeding gums, sensitive gums, receding gums, as ailments you have to live with, as a kind of self-imposed torture.

You can choose to expose yourself and your innocent children (who rely on you for their safety and health) to more toxic, highly dangerous fluoride from toothpaste, or other potentially harmful ingredients toothpaste manufacturers never talk about.

You can accept to pay thousands of dollars for expensive and painful gum surgery. And you can choose to make 4 to 6 visits to the dentist’s for painful sessions.


You can choose to dramatically change your life by giving OraMD Extra Strength a try. In fact, we’ll even pay for shipping so that you can enjoy great feelings like these
  • Imagine coworkers, family members commenting on how clean and fresh and refreshing your breath is
  • Imagine the feeling of being comfortable to floss again without the fear of blood pouring out of your gums
  • Imagine the increased confidence that brightens your face and attracts other people to you because now your gums are beautiful, pink and not an ugly red, swollen or streaked anymore
  • top
    I had a huge surprise at one of my dental appointments when my dentist sent me to a periodontist saying I had a real problem with gingivitis!!!! I was really worried. I was even more worried when the periodontist said I need all this surgery, and it would cost $2,400. I really couldn't see how this had happened to me. My dentist always commented on what good care I took of my teeth. When I saw your email in my box, I decided to take a look. Then I decided to take a try. I was really surprised that it worked so well. I take a cotton swab and swab OraMD on my gum line. The dentist hasn't said anymore about dental surgery since I have been using it. Thank you so much for your product.


  • Imagine finally being able to brush your teeth because you know that your
    gums won’t bleed anymore
  • Imagine being able to enjoy eating ice cream again because now your gums are
    no longer too sensitive to cold
  • Imagine being able to eat hot foods because your gums are no longer too
    sensitive to heat
  • And most importantly, picture the surprise in your dentist’s face and hear the
    praises in his voices as he congratulates you on having such a healthy mouth.
    Imagine him telling you, “I wish more of my patients took such good care of their teeth and mouth and gums as you do. That would make my job easier.”
  • And yes, imagine being able to enjoy going to the dentist because now your appointments are shorter because your mouth is healthier, your gums are healthier…there isn’t too much to do
  • Just Like Jay, If You Don’t Take Us On Our Generous Offer, How Can You Know What Amazing Results Await You?

    I have been facing the Periodontist for a few weeks now. I have periodontal disease in some of my back teeth. I am totally disappointed that NO dentist has ever told me about this pre-disposition, or how to prevent it! Why? Fortunately, searching for some "good news" on the web, I found OraMD Extra Strength. Frankly...didn't believe it. I did, out of desperation, order 1 bottle and try it, exactly as you suggest. To my amazement, the first thing that I noticed was that my teeth seemed to be much less sensitive to cold or hot. Strange, but not in my head. The stuff is strong, but not overbearing. My mouth definitely feels cleaner. After about a week, I noticed that my gums were much, much more pink in color than before. Now, after 2 weeks, the slight bleeding that I was experiencing near one tooth is slowly but surely subsiding. My MOUTH...just feels healthier. I believe that OraMD Extra Strength. works.

    One important observation:

    I happen to use a CLEAR glass cup to rinse my mouth with water. (Not when I use OraMD Extra Strength. however!) I noticed that there was a definite FILM inside the glass. It was very sticky, and oily. The FILM...was from me mixing a few drops of OraMD Extra Strength in a little water to make the mouthwash. Even hot water had a hard time removing it. It took detergent! The theory about the "oils" in OraMD Extra Strength. infiltrating and sticking for a long time in your mouth....is very true. One last thing. I feel that rinsing with OraMD Extra Strength for a minute or even longer is much more beneficial before bed than just 30 seconds. I'm not totally convinced yet...but I'm sure getting there! It's only been 2 weeks, and you openly suggest 3 months. We'll see!
  • And surely, imagine being able to finally go only twice a year to the dentist’s like everyone else, and not have to show up every three months for painful sessions.
  • Imagine how much money you would save in dental bills when you don’t have to go through gum surgery…when there is little scraping to be done…when you don’t need special medication. As you’ve seen in the stories here, some people have been able to save thousands of dollars once they started using OraMD Extra Strength for better , safer and more natural mouth and gum care
  • Imagine the confidence that you now have as you know you’ll never have to worry about bad breath again because you can conveniently carry OraMD Extra Strength with you and a couple drops on your tongue will banish bad breath, and fills your mouth with cleanliness and freshness
  • Imagine the thrilling joy of hearing your dentist cancel or postpone an expensive gum surgery
  • And if you’re a parent, what greatest gift could you give your children than good health. Imagine knowing that your children are among the few American children who are not exposed to fluoride from toothpaste.
  • Imagine your teenagers not having to worry about confidence-shattering dental fluorosis because you’ve been a wise parent who helped them avoid fluoride in toothpaste
  • And much more.

Just click here right now to order your OraMD Extra Strength and start seeing amazing results, or your money cheerfully refunded.

Taylor Clark

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